New AFI Classics – New AFI "apologies"

Until I ran accross this Wikipedia article today, I didn’t know how much the AFI top 100 films of all time list changed when it underwent its 10-year overhall in 2007. So I guess this is AFI 100, The Sequel. Its subtitle might be “Sorry About Dances with Wolves, Everybody.”

Some notable additions/changes to the list:

– Blade Runner (new!)
– Raging Bull (bumped up 20 slots to #4)
– Vertigo (bumped up 52 spots to #9)
– The General (New!)
– City Lights (bumped up 65 slots to #11)
– The Searchers (bumped up 84 slots to #12)
– Intolerance (New!)
– Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (New!)
– All the President’s Men (New!)
– The Sixth Sense (New!)
– Do the Right Thing (wow – New!)
– Toy Story (New!)

Some notable drops from the list:

– The Jazz Singer (Gone!)
– The Graduate (bumped down 10 slots to #17)
– The Bridge on the River Kwai (bumped down 23 slots to #36)
– The African Queen (Bumped down 48 spots to #65)
– Doctor Zhivago (Gone!)
– The Birth of a Nation (Gone!)
– Amadeus (Gone!)
– Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Gone!)
– Dances with Wolves (Gone!!!)
– Fargo (Gone!)
– Frankenstein (Gone!)


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