Top 50 Greatest "Arts" Videos on YouTube

Check out this amazing list of Top 50 “arts” clips compiled on Guardian’s web site.

Below, the Beattles’ famous final live performance:

Jackson Pollack documentary – much richer after the perspective offered in the Pollack film starring Ed Harris.

Below is a section of “Film” by Samuel Beckett, starring Buster Keaton.

Some other favorites:

Joan Baez and Bob Dylan sing ‘With God on Our Side’, 1963

Nirvana rehearse in a garage, 1988

Sid and Nancy on New York cable TV, 1978

Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie perform ‘Hot House’, 1952

John Coltrane performs ‘My Favourite Things’, 1961

Billie Holiday sings ‘Strange Fruit’, 1959

Zora Neale Hurston sings ‘Uncle Bud’, 1939

Sylvia Plath reads ‘Daddy’, 1962

Kurt Russell’s Star Wars audition, 1975

Glenn Gould’s The Art of the Fugue, 1980

Stravinksy conducts the Firebird Lullaby Suite, 1965


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