Autobiographical Animation 1.0

Watching Persepolis sent me on the hunt for more nonfiction cartoons. Here are a few animated shorts I ran across:

1. This stunning piece by Jeff Stearns uses yellow sticky notes to chronicle his personal and professional history. He shares information about his life in the form of to-do lists, and then animates the working out of those lists. Brilliant stuff.

2. An astonishing film of short clips by filmmaker Roberto Bellini that explores his memories, impressions, and vividly dark dreams.

3. And here is an episode of Jerrytime, a glib journey through the frustrations of Jerry’s daily existence.

4. A Is For Autism – a multimedia exploration of several autistic adults remembering some of the limitations and obsessions from their childhood. According to, “Every design in the film originates from a drawing by a person with autism.” This film is by British filmmaker Tim Webb and was produced in 1992.

5. And follow the link below to a poignant autobiographical film by Becalelis Brodskis. The filmmaker finds some connections between his own life and the story of Abraham and Isaac. Some graphic content regarding circumcision.
The Father, the Ram, My Dad, and Me.



One thought on “Autobiographical Animation 1.0

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