The Measure of a Boy

In “Son of Rambow,” a young boy is searching for a father figure after his own father dies. Will it be the staunch religious guy, or a psychotic killer making stuff blow up on the big screen?

This British film is a delight. It dances back and forth easily between whimsy and beneficence. The story is rich and the actors fall into their roles with natural grace.

Sometimes, the film ventures into stylistically inventive sequences involving annimation and scenes staged with a playful slickness. The film takes itself lightly, and moves from one predictable scene to the next, and it does so with its tongue firmly in its cheek. But it also takes unexpected turns that break your heart. Even the minor characters are like barely known kids that you tearfully say goodbye to on the last day of summer camp.

The connections you make are real ones. More than just heart-felt. And as you watch those kids letting their guard down, even the most shallow friendships reveal something deeper .


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