Getting Caught by Ratcatcher

Lynne Ramsey has an astonishing eye for filming children. In her film, Ratcatcher, pre-adolescence is rendered in all its rawness, tenderness, and pre-sexual, vulnerability. This film is not a happy one, but it is wonderful. That is, it is full of wonders, and full of the unexplainable, unfiltered, uninhibited imagination of children exploring their poverty-striken surroundings. The camera’s eye is elegantly framed in shot after shot until it becomes an invisible window on children who respond with a naturally wide range of emotions. There are only a few people I can think of that I would recommend this film to. You will likely find yourself heart-broken, challenged, and haunted in the days following a viewing. Spike Jonez has said that this was one of the movies he revisited as he was trying to find the tone for his upcoming film, Where the Wild Things Are.

See the trailer below.


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