Rachel Getting Married

I started out watching this movie braced and embarrassed for a film that seemed too conscious of how it was doing what it wanted to be doing. But I ended up loving this movie. Very rich connections. Very vulnerable characters and complex relationships. The bride sometimes slips into tropishness, becoming the pragmatic older sister – a kind of cookie-cutter shape. But often the interactions between characters are incredibly revealing and believable. Not all brokenness is mended, but the pull between defensiveness and intimacy in almost all of the characters is satisfyingly portrayed. This film stuck with me in the days after viewing.

There are moments in the beginning when the self-conscious script pulls me out of the film. The handheld camera attempts a fly-on-the-wall perspective, but it sometimes draws too much attention to itself.

The contrived dialogue sometimes pulls me out of the movie when I want to sink into it, but these are only a few moments.

The film is riddled with such elegant touches. The music is a wonderful accompaniment to the film. Very nicely done. The excuse for the constant presence of the musicians and their practicing is the need to practice, but it soon becomes clear that music is a large part of the life of the groom. You get the idea that the wedding is just an excuse for these guys to play, to explore, to accompany whatever else might be happening around them.


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