Any One Man

Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man a film by Lian Lunson

This music-a-mentary about Leonard Cohen lags a little here and there when other relatively unknown musicians cover (at fuuuullll length) Leonard Cohen songs, but the words and music still sometimes transcend. There is only a little bit of over-fawning about Cohen. Mostly the observations and praise showered on him in interview footage with other artists is respectfully stated.

And speaking of showering praise, I must say that this film is well worth checking out just for the interview footage with Cohen himself. I couldn’t get enough of these interview scenes. His presence is so self-effacing, warm, and gracious, I found myself rewinding, sometimes multiple times, to catch every word. The man is worth spending time with. His voice is worth having in your head for at least the two hours of this film’s running time. In the end, I think the mix of footage of Cohen and footage of other artists singing his songs and singing his praises was appropriate. Two hours of just Cohen’s voice might have been a bit of a betrayal to his vision. And that vision is a large one, spoken with richness and depth, in a way that points to things much grander than any one man can be.


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