Here are a number of snaps from movies I’ve seen recently:

The Flight of the Red Balloon – French children no longer have access to the red balloon of happiness.

Children of Men – Still tense and hopeful after all these viewings.

Nacho Libre – I fell hard for this under-rated wrestling fairy-tale. The best line: “My favorite color is light.”

High Noon – This movie unfolds in real time, and we watch an older era pass while a new one begins somewhere in the seconds that pass by.

The Savages – One reviewer called this a “coming-of-middle-age story.”

Waltz with Bashir – Haunting and visceral.

Here is what is – In moments, transcendent.

The Day the Earth Stood Still – Robots knocking over chairs hasn’t been this scary since.

Ivan’s Childhood – Tarkovsky’s dreamy classic of a boy that moves through a WWII war zone. Both elegant and intense.

The Visitor – A middle-aged man awakens to the rhythm of a different drum.

JCVD – A stunning performance by JCVD in this emotionally rich story.


2 thoughts on “Screenshots

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