Early Spring in Early Winter

I recently caught Late Spring, another one of Yasujiro Ozu’s black and white films from the post WW2 era. Stepping into Ozu’s work is always a welcome change of pace. Start a film and let the scales fall from your eyes. Stunning, compositions and quiet, intelligent conversations abound. Characters often carry huge burdens, as they do in this film: a scholar whose wife has died, and whose daughter remains unmarried well into her late 20’s (!). On the surface, the scholar seems to carry these burdens lightly, and thoughtfully. Only occasionally do we see the weight of his life bearing down on him. At the end of the film, his choice to set his daughter free is an ambivalent, emotionally complex one. There is enough space in the silent moments of this film to hold sorrow, love, acceptance, moments of guileless joy, and rich subtlety.


One thought on “Early Spring in Early Winter

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