The Adjustment Bureau

There are some movies that are not as good as they first seem. There are others that are much better than they first seem. And those are the only kinds of movies there are. Oh sure, there are the movies you have never seen before. The movies you will never see. And there are movies that will never even be made. But of the ones you actually do see, there are only those two kinds of movies.

Actually, I change my mind. There are also movies that crack the world open for you and let you look in at the world as if for the first time. They make you seem and feel and sound a little crazy. They bring paragraphs out of you like that first paragraph up there.
Is a movie that makes you look beyond the surface of your life a good movie?
Is a movie with big questions and big ideas on its mind always big movie? If the content of a movie is big, must be the form matchfull in kind?
I like the effect that The Adjustment Bureau had on me. I enjoyed the sparseness of the action and the action of the sparseness. In the middle of a summer filled with Hollywood blockbusters and lots of special effects, I reveled in the effect that this movie’s special effects had on me. Lots of things happen. The main characters walk through doors and wear hats. Or (pause) They don’t. Wear. Hats. And when they do or don’t, I’m more thrilled than I would be had there actually been bullets fired in this movie, or explosions exploded, or transformers transformer-ed.
The Adjustment Bureau is just that kind of movie. Not like all those other movies that aren’t like it. That aren’t, you know, good.

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