Pieces of April in November

Many, many thanks to Jeff Overstreet for sending along a whole CD case full of movies while I convalesce after a recent car wreck!  And many thanks for including Pieces of April, a perfect film for Thanksgiving week!

Larissa and I caught this one the other night and were glad we did.

Katie Holmes stars as April, who spends almost the entire film preparing a Thanksgiving meal for her estranged family, who in turn spends almost the entire film driving in the direction of April’s New York flat on Thanksgiving day. Oh, and April’s mother is dying of cancer.  Oh, and also, April has to seek help from a handful of her neighbors whom she doesn’t know because she discovers that her oven isn’t working.

This is a film about preparation and determination. It is a film about approaching difficult things, and drawing near, and taking big risks. It is a film about gratitude and grace. It is a film about vulnerability and healing. It is a film about tough love, and not-so-tough-love.

The camerawork is raw, and the script is polished enough to sound unpolished. The shaky, low-fi digital camera gives a perfect family-movie style and tone given the story.

All around, this movie is a delightful one, and may even offer a helpful push for guarded, hopeful viewers about to head into the holiday season.


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