Laura Gibson’s Train Ride

An article on NPR music quotes Laura Gibson about a recent journey she took by train from Oregon to New York at a time when she was moving on from a relationship:

“I was moving away from the person I loved most in the world,” Laura wrote. “By making that choice, I was making a statement about my own ambition and independence. Yet the whole time on the train I was checking my phone for some sort of text, an affirmation from him that this choice I was making was OK. He was conflicted too, and much of the first half of the route is beyond the reach of cell phone towers. I’d stare out into the dark, and every so often capture more footage. I found myself writing the same two sentences over and over again: ‘Hurry up and lose me. Hurry up and find me again.’ This song (Empire Builder – see video above) captured a moment of utter unknowing, of self-doubt and confliction. The song itself became my means of finding an answer, my way of saying something I couldn’t otherwise express.”

I hear she took some time off music to get an MFA (in fiction!) at Hunter College in New York. After working on the degree, she moved back into the studio where she recorded the upcoming album Empire Builder (out April 1, 2016)

If you are unfamiliar with Gibson’s work, her album Beast of Seasons is a great place to start, or NPR Music’s Tiny Desk concert. Her initial Tiny Desk appearance was the very first one. Her music was the inspiration for a type of live musical performance that attempts to capture the intimacy of her quiet, subtle art in a way that a more traditional public, club concert could not.

Below is a link to one of her most recent songs, The Carob Trees, which didn’t make the cut of her last album La Grande (and yes, that title refers to the city of La Grande, Oregon).


2 thoughts on “Laura Gibson’s Train Ride

  1. I love this new song by her, so much conflict and loss. The backstory helps me to appreciate the song more and the video make me want to take a train ride — with you!


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