At the Waterline Audiobook Giveaway!

Friends, Boaters, Readers,

I’m giving away FREE AUDIOBOOK CHAPTERS to people who pre-order my upcoming novel, At the Waterline before it is available in stores on May 1, 2017


Here’s the Deal:

You have (about) 1 week left to pre-order the print copy of the novel, At the Waterline, before it’s available in bookstores! Preorder it in the next week and I’ll send you 3 FREE AUDIOBOOK CHAPTERS! Pre-order 2 copies and I’ll send you 6 audiobook chapters. Pre-order 3 copies, and… You probably see where this is going. For every print copy of At the Waterline you PRE-order, I will send you 3 audiobook chapters.

Here’s What You Do:

  1. Preorder a copy of At the Waterline at one of the online bookstores listed below (or anywhere else you can find it)
  2. Send me a snapshot, picture, or screenshot of your receipt (email or social media) at my author email address:
  3. That’s it! I’ll send you a link to the first 3 audiobook chapters for FREE before the audiobook is available more widely in mid-May!

Online Bookstores:

More Ways to Get Stuff:

You will have several other chances to win additional audiobook chapters soon, but I will not make it this easy for you after May 1! You might as well get it over with and receive the entire audiobook for free by preordering 5 print copies NOW while it’s also on sale at the online retailers listed above. Keep an eye out for more audiobook chapter giveaways by following my social media handle @BrianKFriesen on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, PinterestGoodreads, or you can get on my mailing list to receive updates by emailing me at

Have you already preordered a copy of At the Waterline? Or 5? Let me know. You are very fortunate. I’m a gullible, gracious, trusting spirit. And it looks like you have read all the way down to the bottom of this long post, so you must be a generous person deserving of a little slack (slack – that’s a sailing term).

Thank you, friends, and many blessings to you.


Brian K. Friesen


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