“At the Waterline” Comes into Port


12 years ago I started writing a creative nonfiction story about a quiet, enigmatic older gentleman who lived on his sailboat at the marina where I worked. A few lines of dialogue was all I could come up with. The character grew out of hand from there – and out of the realm of nonfiction – until he was an ex-Catholic priest with a life and a spiritual journey of his own. Then his life led to other lives. Yesterday, I held the print version of the finished book for the first time. I’m still not sure what to make of it: a little book born of great cost and effort. My family hasn’t always had me emotionally, mindfully present when I might have been. Sometimes it seems like the novel has been born more out or despair than hope or sustained effort. I can now dare to hope, though, that this story carries to its readers a spark of joy, even joy carried by sorrow, until it finds its way to the eternity that is in their hearts.


Here is At the Waterline in the Ooligan Press office slouching on the shelf just around the corner from Eliot Treichel‘s Oregon Book Award winner: A Series of Small Maneuvers:


You can now buy At the Waterline from the following online retailers:



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